Frequently Asked

What is I.C.E Association?

I.C.E stands for “Icy Cheeks Endurance”. We are an International organization dedicated to safe, high mileage snowmobile riding.


What is the fee?

For each certification the fee is $40 per rider.

Are ICE rides only available to Canadians?

NO, we offer rides globally in both kilometers and miles.  Visit our certification page for info and featured rides.

Do I need to be a member to complete a ride?

There are no initiation membership fees but to be a member you must complete one of our certified rides.

Can I purchase ICE merchandise?

ICE merchandise is available to only those that complete a certified ride.  Merchandise can be purchased for related rides that they are certified in.

Is there a list of ICE members?

Anyone who is certified in an ICE ride will have their name added to the members list.  Information included will be name, certified ride type and certification level.

Where can I find out information about documentation?

All info about our rides an be found on the ICE Guidelines page

To download required documents please visit our Documents page

Can it be the same witness for both the start and finish of your ride?


I lost one of my fuel receipts what do I do?

Although this isn’t a deal breaker it is up to the snowmobiler to document the ride as detailed as possible.  A note accompanying your documentation must include that a lost receipt has occurred.  The rest of your documentation must support that you have completed the ride in the allotted time frame.

My certification has an error, what do I do?
Contact us at and we will make the appropriate changes.
How can I contact ICE?
If you have any other questions or concerns you can send us an email at and we will get back to you within 48 hours.