I.C.E Guidelines

Snowmobilers who are successful in completing their rides will receive a certified ride certificate and sticker to display as you are now in an elite category of high mileage riders. The guidelines listed below may seem complicated at first but, in the end, the Icy Cheeks Endurance rides are all about documentation to prove that you have completed the ride. There are strict guidelines for documentation as these are certified rides that aren’t handed out to just anyone. When you receive your certificate, you will be able to display it proudly knowing that you have accomplished a grueling ride and now have the documentation to back it up.


The following guidelines apply to all our rides no matter what the distance. There is no pre-registration needed as our team does not want you to feel pressure if you don’t complete the ride or need to stop for safety reasons. Our goal is to have participants complete the rides safely and have the flexibility to alter their ride dates in case of unforeseen circumstances. Having machines in proper working order, weather conditions and properly planned routes all play a part in having a successful ride.

There are 6 steps to earning your ICE certification.  These steps must be completed accurately to be eligible for certification.

Step 1 - Choose Your Route

You must choose a route that covers a minimum of the required distance for the ride that you are applying for.  Example; to be eligible for a 600km ride, anything less that 600km will NOT qualify.  When planning, be sure that your route meets the minimum requirements.

The ICE team recommends that you plot your route on a digital online trail planner (may not be eligible in all areas) or by an app for your mileage references.

The best route option is to plan your route in a straight line from point A to point B.  Understanding that not all riders can devote their time to such an adventure there are some options.  If you are completing a circular route you must obtain receipts in each of the 4 “corners” to prove that you did not take a short cut.  If you are doing an “out and back” ride, receipts must be provided from your furthest turn around point.  The ICE board discourages and will sometimes reject rides that are repetitive in nature.  Completing a 100km circle 6 times is not an acceptable claim.

Step 2 - Get A Starting Witness

When documenting your ride, it is important to get a starting witness. Witnesses will sign your starting form (see forms section). This can be done by the gas station attendant where you received your time stamped fuel receipt, a friend (who is not on the ride), spouse etc. As long as these people are willing to accept a letter or call from ICE to verify your starting location and time you are good to go!
Make sure that you inform your witnesses that ICE may perform an audit. If witnesses do not want to provide personal information, they can provide a business contact if they wish. If they do not want to provide information move onto the next person. Keep in mind that having a witness with no contact information is the same as not having a witness at all.

Step 3 - Collect Fuel Receipts **Important**

Your starting and finishing receipts are the most critical receipts from your ride!  Make sure that the date and time stamps are correct as incomplete or missing information will not be accepted.

The first computer time stamped receipt will be the official start time/location and the final computer time stamped receipt will be the official end time/location of your ride.

The ICE committee will need ALL your receipts that you have obtained on your ride.  Photocopies or scanned images will be accepted if the receipts are legible.

**If possible, take a picture of each receipt beside the odometer of your snowmobile**

You must provide a receipt at each major corner or turning point of your ride to prove that you didn’t take any shortcuts.


Your log will help the ICE team verify your stops and route along the way.  Fuel logs can be found here or under the Forms section.

Completed Log entries, witness forms and gas receipts are mandatory for certification.

Step 4 - Get An End Witness

Just as you obtained a witness to verify where you started you will also need a finishing witness.  This can be also done by the gas station attendant where you received your time stamped fuel receipt, a friend (who was not on the ride), spouse etc.  Your finishing witness must be willing to accept a letter or call from ICE to verify your finishing location and time.

Step 5 - Prepare Your Documents For Submission

Retain all your original receipts **ONLY SEND COPIES**

A map of your route must accompany all your other documentation.  This can be a photocopy or old trail map.  Mark out your starting and ending locations along with circled stops for fuel along the way.  If you use a GPS or locater device, please feel free to include those maps as well. 



  1. Maps documenting your route
  2. Completed witness and log forms
  3. Completed application
  4. Merchandise/payment forms


Icy Cheeks Endurance acknowledges that documentation may not always be able to be followed 100%.  If for any reason, there is a discrepancy during your ride please include a quick note explaining what happened and we will do our best to come up with a solution. (example: the gas station was closed when we entered the town to complete our ride and we’re unable to obtain a time stamped receipt) Under certain circumstances if your other documentation supports that you in fact completed the ride a witness statement would suffice.  Your witness will be called to verify your finishing time and location.

Step 6 - Send Documents


Make sure to have all the above documentation forms completed, scanned and emailed to iceassociationinfo@gmail.com. Please indicate in your email if you prefer to pay by etransfer or receive a Paypal Invoice

Before issuing your certification, the ICE committee may ask you questions to clarify certain aspects of your ride.  Our process for certification is very thorough which produces a high standard to your endurance ride.  When you receive your ICE certification you know that you have completed something that not just any snowmobile rider has.  This does take time, but we work diligently to have your certification to you as soon as possible.  Our committee consists of volunteers so please be patient as certifications could take a couple of months.


For any further questions about the ride please contact us at iceassociationinfo@gmail.com


Ride safe!!